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Captured by Him, a Stori Original
By Suleidy Merced


"I will never believe anything you have to say. You are a liar, son of a bitch who used me for God knows why. I should have known," I scream at Enzo.

"I have never been anyone other than myself."

His voice is dark, filled with the lust that I crave so much.

"Really? Because you are Enzo Maranzano, the leader of the Sicilian Mafia. You do as you please." I try to walk away from him, but he grabs my arm to stop me.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"As far away from you as I can. You are a monster." 

"You are not going anywhere." He grabs my other hand and holds me in place.

"There is nothing keeping me here. You and I are done."

"We are done when I say we are done." He flushes me against him. I can feel his hard desire.

"You don't get to call the shots. I want nothing to do with a criminal," I say, to which he chuckles. "What is so funny?"


"You are acting as if I am the only criminal man in your life."

"What is that supposed to mean?"


"Playing innocent doesn't suit you." I try to push him away, but his grip tightens.


"Let me go, Enzo."


"That is not going to happen." He begins to walk and only stops when my back touches a wall.


"You do not get to," I start.


"I can do whatever pleases me and you are the one who pleases me."


I don't get a chance to say anything else, because he kisses me. It's the sort of kiss that makes time stop. It's hard to fight it, to fight him when all I want is him. Before I know it, I am sliding my fingers into his hair and pulling him closer. He picks me up, and immediately, I wrap my legs around his waist. 

"You are mine," he growls, starting to walk.

"Enzo," I start.

"Fighting me is like fighting air. You aren't going anywhere." 

In seconds, he is walking through the door of his bedroom. It's the bedroom where he made me his. The bedroom where I now realize I will always be his. But I will never admit it to him. He sets me down.

"Strip." He orders.

"I am not doing this with you," I say, but every bone is my body is fighting against his order.

"I wasn't asking." His voice is dark. I know what is coming next. "Now Valeria. I won't ask again." He says, taking a step closer. 

I kick my flats off and begin to unbutton my blouse, looking at the floor. His stare is always too much for me to bear.

"Look at me." He orders. My desire for him is hard to fight, so I snap my head up. "Good. Now pick up the pace. I want you naked in bed by the time I return," he adds as he turns to leave.

I know where he is going and already, I am wet. It's annoying since I am supposed to never see him again and getting on a flight to Madrid like I promised my father who wants me far from Enzo. My father claims Enzo is just using me and he is an enemy to the Cortes name. But I can't leave. Enzo does something to me that I can't explain. So, I take off my clothes as Enzo ordered. Just as I am getting in bed, he is walking towards me.

"Good to know you haven't forgotten who gives the orders." He says wearing nothing but his jeans like Christian in Fifty Shades of Gray. "I thought I should remind you what happens when you don't do as you're told." He walks closer and I feel the electricity of what is coming. "When I give you an order, it's not a suggestion. You very well know what happens when you don't obey." He stands at the foot of the bed and grabs my ankles.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask, but I know it's a pointless question since I know why.

"Because I can."

He falls to his knees and pulls me to the edge of the bed. I'm already gripping the sheets and he hasn't done a damn thing. He wraps his arms around each of my thighs and pulls me even closer to the edge. He doesn't warn me and just covers me. I yelp in pleasure. It doesn't matter how many times he does it, my body always responds the same way.


"You are mine." He says, his voice vibrating through my body.


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